Looking at an image on the screen is great, but there’s nothing like a real-life print. Some images look best printed on specific types of paper, while some really sing printed on metal. Allow me to provide you with the best fine art print for your space. Learn more about my custom-made fine art prints HERE.



Need something captured? I approach every photograph with passion, creativity and attention to detail. Whether it be family portraits, real estate images, or headshots, I will provide you with remarkable imagery we both will be proud of. Click HERE for more information on my photographic services.



Let me help you become a better photographer. As a dedicated educator, I can guide you toward a mastery of photography. If you are looking to expand your skills, research new gear, get comfortable with digital workflow, or receive honest feedback on your work, I am here for you. Click HERE for more information on my one-on-one services.



I lead engaging photography travel adventures every year. These small-group trips feature comfortable transportation and accommodations, local cuisine and coffee, and numerous photography sessions in locations of remarkable beauty. Learn more about my upcoming workshops HERE.