As much as I adore making photographs, I really love teaching. Photography workshops,(in small groups or in private), are my way of sharing some of my favorite places and techniques with dear friends.

Each of my annually scheduled workshops feature small groups of ten students and two instructors, (myself and my close friend Jeff Carlson). We travel in a swanky Mercedes Benz Sprinter van and drink the finest coffee.

We spend our very full days chasing the sweet light, telling stories, eating great local food, and learning new photography skills in casual lessons. Wine and beer are usually involved, but coffee always is.

San Juan Islands Workshop, October 2017

San Juan Islands Workshop, October 2017

Small Groups are Big Fun

No one wants to be lost in the crowd, especially when you are trying to capture an area of incredible natural beauty. When we head out on a workshop, we keep it small and simple. Our participants enjoy a casual, intimate experience with plenty of opportunities for one-on-one guidance from an instructor. My philosophy on workshops is simple: I design each trip to be a social experience because people learn best from sharing. We travel together in a single vehicle to foster the conversations that enrich our adventures. Each workshop is a reunion of friends, eager to reconnect and share a new adventure. Jeff and I do our best to ensure that everyone's questions are answered fully, but we also work to stay out of the way of the precious relationships between participants because we have seen time and time again that our friends learn just as much from each other as they do from us.

Northern California Workshop, May 2015

Northern California Workshop, May 2015

Incredible Places

Each year I poll my existing clients to determine where everyone would like to travel next. From those suggestions, I look for places of incredible beauty that haven't been overrun by photographers already. I seek out locations where our group can make beautiful landscape, cityscape, street and wildlife images. In addition to catering to the interests of my repeat clients, I look for opportunities to try new things and expand our collective creative bubbles. When I find a location that meets these stringent goals, I then develop a schedule and a budget before fleshing out an adventure worthy of my friends.

Palouse Workshop, May 2016

Palouse Workshop, May 2016

Good Living

I firmly believe that one can't be truly creative when hungry and tired. I design my workshops to include great food, drinks and snacks. I find accommodations that are comfortable, charming and centrally-located to our shooting locations. I have discovered that my friends have a better experience when we have a central base of operations where we can kick back, relax and socialize. We've taken to small, unique bed and breakfasts and little hotels where we can rent the entire place and make it our home for several nights. This downtime location is where we share meals, drink wine and learn together in engaging lessons. 

Past Scheduled Workshops:

2014 - Oregon's Natural Wonders, Portland and Bend

2015 - Northern California, San Francsico, Fort Bragg and Trinidad

2016 - The Palouse, Dayton and Colfax, Washington

2017 - San Juan Islands, Lopez Village and Friday Harbor

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