SiC Splash


I've never had the pleasure of meeting Trey Ratcliff in person, but we do interact frequently. I've always been a huge fan of his work and it's an honor to be a Master in his education venture, The Arcanum. A while back Trey and his right-hand man Curtis Simmons, asked me to attend  the Sony A7R Mark II launch event in Portland. I suspect they asked me because I live in Portland, but I'd also like to think they thought I would represent Stuck in Customs well at the press junket.

Today the story I wrote for Trey and Curtis hit the site and if you've come to see this after reading it, I want to thank you and welcome you to my humble blog. I'm not the globe-trotting superstar that Trey is, but I can turn a clever phrase and take a decent photo, so I would love it if you could come back and visit from time to time!

If you are one of my longtime friends, you can read the Stuck in Customs story here.